Briefly in English

Iisalmen Latu, est. 1952

  • What we are: Outdoor association in Iisalmi, member of Suomen Latu
  • What we do: Winter swimming, Nordic skiing, hiking, voluntary work for outdoor activities. We love nature and every season
  • Sikokallio cottage for skiing, hiking. Also Sikokallio ski cafe,  open in ski season at least on weekends, Sat-Sun 10-16. Coffee, tea, Finnish pulla, sandwitches, etc. Cash only, please
  • Winter Swimming in Haukiniemi (Iisalmi city), Haukiniemenkatu 23 - you need to be member of Iisalmen Latu for the insurance and pay the season key fee of the changing room (25 €/season) 1.10.-30.4.). Please contact

Everymans' rights in Finland

Please read more. Information available in English, Swedish, Russian and Finnish.

Link: Ministry of the Environment

Everyman is free to walk in natural areas, but needs to respect private yards, cultivated areas and nature

  • Everyone is basically entitled to walk, ski, cycle or ride freely in natural areas, as long as this causes no damage or no more than minor harm to property or nature
  • This right does not cover private yards
  • There is no public right of way through fields and other cultivated areas during the growing season, to prevent damage
  • In winter, crossing fields is allowed
  • The use of maintained outdoor recreation routes and ski trails is based on everyman’s right
  • Birds and other animals must not be disturbed during the breeding season
  • Right of way and temporary stay based on everyman’s right may only be limited by official prohibition enforced by public authorities. Such authorities include the Finnish Defence Forces, Metsähallitus, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), port authorities or airport operators.

In a nutshell 

  • applies to anyone living or staying in Finland
  • no need to obtain a permit or permission to enjoy  everyman’s right
  • cannot be prevented without just cause
  • always free of charge
  • exercising the right must not cause more than  minor damage or disturbance
  • using an area based on everyman’s right is not  affected by land ownership
  • does not cover yards, cultivated fields and other  areas under special use.